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Swanton Township Refuse Service
Swanton Township is pleased to inform you that Select Sanitation, Swanton area owned and operated, will be the Township’s new refuse service provider.

Swanton Township added refuse service in 2010 without adding any new taxes or fees, this continues to put stress on the Township’s budget. With that in mind, we have worked hard on negotiating this service without again increasing taxes to the residents or putting a levy on the ballot. We are proud to be offering refuse service without a levy or tax assessment, as other townships and municipalities do.

Select Sanitation can be contacted at 419-533-2372 or website.

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Notice to Swanton Township Residents
Unlimited Yard Waste Drop-off Service

Swanton Township and Ohio Compost has partnered to provide Swanton Township residents with an Unlimited Green (Yard) Waste Drop-off service at no charge for the drop-off.

Acceptable materials include brush, leaves, grass clippings, pruning debris, branches, etc.

Swanton Township residents will receive 10% off all retail purchases at Ohio Compost and Bauer Lawn, Inc. including mulch, topsoil, compost, and sand.

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Lucas County Proclamation
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Fire and Rescue
Dial 9-1-1
Swanton Township is currently served by two fire and rescue units.  Always dial 911 in the event of an emergency, so that the appropriate unit may respond quickly! Act immediately - delay may cost a life!

Lucas County Sheriff

State Highway Patrol
Whitehouse Fire Department
911 or 419-877-0363
Springfield Township Fire Department
911 or 419- 865-4136

General Services
Toledo Edison
300 Madison Ave,
Toledo, 43604
Outage Reporting Line
Customer Service
Ohio Gas Company
200 W. High St.
Bryan, OH 43506
After Hours Emergency
Government Offices

Swanton Township
13410 Airport Highway
Swanton, OH 43558


Recycling Options
Let's all work together to keep our township beautiful and safe

Most people are aware of the need to recycle old newspapers and pop cans. But there are also recycling and disposal options for computers, cell phones, paint, pool chemicals, tires, aluminum can pull-tabs, hearing aids, sporting equipment, eyeglasses, and more! For detailed information, click on Keep Toledo/Lucas County Beautiful to visit their website.

Recycling is strongly encouraged, and bins for resident use are located near the airport on Airport Highway, just East of  State Rte. 295.   The  bins are not easily seen from Airport Highway, so look carefully for the paved access road on the South side of the highway, about half-way between the entrance to Toledo Express Airport and State Rte. 295 (in the cleared area immediately East of the woods). Click here for maps

A Reminder to Residents
There are several local businesses that pick up scrap metal at no cost to the homeowner. If you are in need of this type of service in order to be in compliance with the Swanton Township Zoning Resolution, please contact one of these services to schedule a pick-up at your property. For your convenience, three businesses are listed below - you may also check in the Yellow Pages under "Scrap Metal".
T & J Hauling
(419) 822-6974
Larry's Hauling
(419) 349-8523
Jim's Hauling
(419) 822-9195
Swanton Township makes no claim nor guarantee
relative to the above-mentioned businesses.

Notice - Junk Motor Vehicle Resolution
On Aug. 25, 2008, the Trustees passed a resolution adopting the new law RC 505.871, giving them the authority to address junk motor vehicles located within the township. After following the proper steps, the board may remove, or cause to be removed, the junk motor vehicles from the property. A junk motor vehicle is defined as a vehicle that is 3 model years or older, is apparently inoperable and is extensively damaged. All expenses incurred in the removal of junk vehicles will be included on the tax duplicate for the property where the junk motor vehicle was located.

NOTICE - Swanton Township
Swanton Township is seeking good people to serve on both the Zoning Commission and the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA). The Zoning Commission meets once a month and they are charged with the responsibility of acting on requests for changes to zoning classifications, changes to the text of our resolution and recommending action to the Board of Trustees. They also act on site plan submissions. In contrast, the BZA meets 4 times per year and more if hearings are requested. BZA members hear all zoning appeals that may arise and determine the outcome. Knowledge of the township zoning resolution is required but can be obtained on the job. This is a great way to be involved without a big time-commitment. Applicants should send a letter of intent to Township Trustees C/O Swanton Township, 13410 Airport Highway, Swanton, Ohio 43558.
**We will keep your letter on file if there are no current openings.

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Do You Have an idea or suggestion for our township to consider? Are there some things that need improvement? Are there things we do really well? We want and need to hear from our residents! Give us a call at the Township Hall - or please see our Contact Info page for other phone numbers and email addresses you may use to let us know how things are going.

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